Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Whole Sweep of Scripture

A friend put me on to this clip from one of my “literary mentors,” N.T. Wright, discussing how to get the most out of reading Scripture. I find that he is putting to words a feeling I’ve had during this long series on the life of David, that there is just something powerful about reading large chunks of the biblical Story and, as he says, “letting it wash over you.” Far too often, I’ve turned Bible reading into a hand-held version of a bumper sticker; looking for a little word or chunk here or there to “get me through the day.” Obviously there is a time and place for that practice done well, as the discipline known as lectio divina has shown. But there is a balance in healthy reading that seeks to see the broad brush strokes and the panoramic view of God’s Story. So I commend Wright’s wisdom to you: