Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Around this time of year, I have been often struck by how much I enjoy the rhythm of the academic calendar. I don’t experience the benefits of that so much now that I am no longer working primarily in the university environment, and I wonder if I took for granted the natural slow-down that happens in summer in that world. In the academic environment, this Sabbath-like rhythm shows up not just in the pace of work, but in the college cities themselves. It seems that the whole city is ready for the slowing down that happens around May and then August comes just in time to get the adrenaline flowing again. For me, it’s ironic that this summer, which began with a sermon series on rest, ended up being one of the fastest paced I remember in decades. Maybe this is one more reminder that we were created to live in a sacred rhythm of work and rest and how easy it is to get thrown off of that. Lord, I need you continually to call me back to your pace for living.