Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Celebrating God's Work

Well, it's hard to believe it; but as I shared on Sunday with the Family here, this past Sunday was the year anniversary of when we visited and spoke at Woodmont for the first time, praying and seeking whether God was leading us here or not. We all celebrated what God has done among our church family over the last year, taking a page from Rick Atchley's practice of giving a State of the Pulpit address every year. If you're interested in his 18th installment of that practice, here's the link from his message this summer: http://www.rhcc.us/audio.php?pagecount=1&a=1&b=2 (click on the message from July 1).

One final reflection on our own congregation's journey the last year: it's interesting to me how God maintains the balance of inward transformation of his people and external mission for his people in the world, it's both an inside and outside thing to be a Christian. The most mentioned defining moment in our past year was the testimony of Bill Wooten, our courageous brother who has modeled for us and spoken to us the faithfulness of God (see his testimony at: http://www.woodmont.org/page.asp?SID=1&Page=329). This moment was internally transformative for us as a family. But then, God doesn't leave us there: our most mentioned theme for the year and desired place to grow more was to "get off the hill" and serve the poor and needy in the city and around the world. These two themes remind us how wonderfully God develops community inside the family of God and then propels us outward to share his wonder with a hungry world.

May we always hold in balance both the internal transformation and the external focus of our God. Have a wonderful week!